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Occupational Therapy Toolkit * PRINT VERSION   
Occupational Therapy Toolkit * PRINT VERSION
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Occupational Therapy Toolkit * ENGLISH * PRINT VERSION

      Handouts and treatment guides for physical disabilities and geriatrics

     Useful for occupational therapy students, beginning practitioners and seasoned therapists

Includes 230 full-page reproducible patient education handouts

that reinforce one-on-one teaching, provide valuable information

and enable the patient to continue their treatment program once

the formal session has ended.

Includes 67 evidence-based treatment guides intended to simplify

treatment planning, generate new treatment ideas and increase

utilization of occupational therapy services. Each guide is complete

with functional limitations, interventions and patient handouts. The

guides are helpful for treating patients with less familiar diagnoses

and ensure consistent treatment planning for multi-therapist settings.

English version available in print or CD format. English/Spanish

version available in CD format and it includes treatment guides

in English and handouts in both English and Spanish.

Written by Cheryl Hall, OTR

Catalog Number Description

F71817-0000 Print Version, English

F71817-0001 CD Version, English

F71817-0011 CD Version, English/Spanish

View sample pages of handouts and treatment guides :


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (Median Neuropathy)

Functional Limitations:

ADL, IADL, work and leisure impairment

Impaired hand strength with wasting of the thenar eminence

Pain and sensory deficits


Phalen's Maneuver - Forced flexion at the wrist, to 90??, for 1 minute.

Tinel's Sign - Use your middle finger or a reflex hammer to tap over the carpal tunnel.

Occupational Therapy Intervention:

ADL, IADL, work and leisure training.

Recommend and/or provide adaptive equipment and task modifications to

compensate for weak grasp and pinch (ties one's shoes, button shirts, using a key

in a lock, holding cane or walker, writing).

Provide UE therapeutic activities and exercises.

Hand and wrist stretching, tendon and nerve gliding exercises.

Progress to hand and wrist strengthening exercises once symptoms are relieved.

Instruct in joint protection techniques (avoid repetitive hand motion, perform activities

with wrist in neutral, modify activities that cause symptoms). Provide a wrist splint at

neutral to be worn at night.

Instruct in pain management techniques to improve participation in ADL tasks.

Teach stress management and relaxation techniques. Coordinate medication

peak with exercise and activity. Provide ultrasound. Educate in use of superficial

cold. Instruct in edema control techniques.

Patient and Caregiver Educational and Exercise Handouts: Page

1. Edema Control Techniques 277

2. Forearm and Wrist Active ROM Exercises 391

3. Forearm and Wrist Strengthening Exercises 393

4. Forearm and Wrist Stretching Exercises 395

5. Hand Strengthening Exercises 397

6. Home Exercise Program Face Sheet 399

7. Splint Instructions 340

8. Superficial Cold 362

9. Nerve Gliding Exercises 400

10. Tendon Gliding Exercises 464

Additional Treatment Guides:

1. Basic and Instrumental Activities of Daily Living Training 12


Manufacturer: MADDAK
MPN: 718170000

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